[Grief] Camber Sands

Louisa Bannon triskela at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 6 10:24:07 EDT 2005

>From: "random99" <random99 at ntlworld.com>
>1) going to mute.com
>2) clicking on the shop link
>3) selecting Throbbing Gristle from the list
>4) scroll down the page until you get to the Camber Sands CD (hint it's the
>third from the bottom)
>5) enter the number you require
>6) add to basket
>7) proceed to checkout

The problem was resolved after the first reply I recieved, thanks though.

My first problem with Mute is how the U.S. version of their site has 
substantially less material available on it than does the U.K. site. I am 
sure there is some brilliant "bottom line" based marketing reason for that 
fact, but I still find it annoying. That's the first place I tried and no 
joy. Mind you, I have written them a few times over the months hoping for 
better results and not once even received a reply.

When I first tried the U.K. version of the site the other day (Saturday 
evening my time) I was clicking on the shop link, typing "Throbbing Gristle" 
as the search term (on the far right) and coming up with a short one page 
list of items that were available. None of the items were the Camber Sands 
discs. Go figure. Why in the world would I have tried it another way? That 
should work and did work - it just returned a very short list of items from 
TG that I already owned and no Camber Sands option.

As someone else has already pointed out, entering the search term by hand 
yields different results than selecting the option "Throbbing Gristle" from 
the list under "artists" (on the far left) - the difference being 17 results 
versus 31, respectively. Now that's plain idiotic and not the fault of a 
casual browser trying to score her discs.

As I already pointed out about the catalogue page, when you first arrive at 
the page for the Camber Sands set you have to scroll all the way to bottom 
right and find a rather small and unobtrusive link that reads "Show Price." 
It doesn't say anything about availability or even the option to add to a 
shopping cart basket until after you hit the link. Again, that's about as 
asinine a page configuration as I have yet seen. I scanned the page quickly 
looking for a price with the pound symbol and an entry box of some kind - a 
quick scan showed no such thing. My eyes did not stick on that pointless 
link to "Show price." My apologies. Now maybe I am just a silly girl or 
maybe Mute could put the fucking price of the item on the fucking page - 
available and obvious, open and notorious, and without any stupid fucking 
link that has to be clicked on first!

The way Mute has their site organized is all well and good if you wish to 
sell as near to zero of product as you possibly can; but in no way helps the 
shopper who is trying to get her ass out the door to make a date but still 
order her Camber Sands discs before she leaves for said date. Sure, I was in 
a hurry - but the site is built quite poorly and nothing changes that fact. 
I mucked with it for a few minutes, assumed the worst because I thought I 
had already tried perfectly sensible things trying to order the disc. I 
posted here and I was given the heads up on how to proceed differently.

But just because there is an existing navigation solution doesn't make that 
navigation technique a good one in terms of the site. If I were Mute and my 
programmers were providing me with that kind of crap programming on the 
site, somebody would most likely get a talking to or simply get sacked.

I never said that Mute was the worst label in existence, I have merely 
complained of some significant navigation issues involving their website. 
And I think my complaints are fair.

Thankfully, I have you lot here to help me out when I have already grown 
impatient trying to navigate the site for myself. I don't want to reinvent 
the wheel, just show me where the wheel is.

Thanks again,

- Louisa

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