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>>Yeah...keeping the catalog available for over 20 years now, putting out
>>live boxsets...what a bunch of assholes!!!
>Yes, it must be listed amongst their many sins.
>Hey, nothing excuses having a crappy site that people can't easily navigate
>or with which they cannot place a simple order. I am a fairly savvy web
>and if I can't use the Mute catalogue site I think others are being driven
>away in droves. The whole point is to find stuff and get off the site in
>short order, I am not trying to solve their navigation or database query

Did you try:

1) going to mute.com
2) clicking on the shop link
3) selecting Throbbing Gristle from the list
4) scroll down the page until you get to the Camber Sands CD (hint it's the
third from the bottom)
5) enter the number you require
6) add to basket
7) proceed to checkout

It's the first time I've used the mute online shop and it took me less time
than to write this email...maybe your not so "web savvy" as you think ;)

Here's a direct link to the mute shop TG page with camber sands:



>Let's not confuse issues. I would feel exactly the same way if it were a
>site run by TG themselves. Professionalism means so much. I am willing to
>spend my dollars, I just don't want to crawl through a gauntlet to do it.
>- Louisa
Crawl through a gauntlet? I like that.

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