[Grief] Italian Job

Cameron Smart cammysmart at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Jul 15 04:03:13 EDT 2005

I was wondering the same. The only thing I've read is
from www.chriscarter.co.uk, which I'm sure everybody
else's read. But just in case:

"July 2005:
Music from my 'Ear One' album has been used in the
trailer for the new movie 'Into The Blue'.
Our TG jaunt to Italy was interesting... to say the
least! The Turin studio was small and too bloody hot
and not as much recording was done as I'd have liked.
But worthwhile nevertheless, Gen's vocal talents (and
lyrics) were on form. And the gig turned out OK,
considering the very Italian organisational 'problems'
(backstage pic here)
We've spent about three weeks in our studio here with
Sleazy recording the new TG album, and it's sounding
effing great too! Sleazy's back in Bangkok now, I'm
completing a few overdubs and finishing off the mixing
and production. The release date looks likely to be
early January 2006. "

The photo mentioned is at:


There were also some photos of the gig posted on the
Coil list, but I seem to have deleted them....

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