Antw: Re: Antw: RE: [Grief] TG in 2005

RWKolk at RWKolk at
Sun Feb 13 18:32:22 EST 2005

I would set money aside to see TG again, even with last years debacle in 
mind. I did buy tickets for the RETGevent and saw them in may and would have 
wanted to go to Cambers Sands in december, were it not for my other chaletmates who 
wanted to call it quits. TG are not to blame for the things that happened 
last year, others were,  so don't be so grudgefull!

If TG are going to do a gig in may this year, my guess is that they will do 
it at the WGT, so I got no fears about the whole thing being canceled. Even 
Visage are going to play at the WGT this year!  ;-) 

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