[Grief] TG IN BERLIN - TICKET UPDATE (1st December)

dave at valentinerecords.co.uk dave at valentinerecords.co.uk
Thu Dec 1 06:46:16 PST 2005

Am I the only one that's finding the whole ticket situation for the Berlin
events somewhat frustrating?

The Volksbühne site is still only allowing ticket purchases up to the 29th
December, while the Eventim.de site only has tickets for the 31st gig -
and then only for sale within Germany itself.

Basically, the only two options (for people who live outside Berlin) seem
to be

1) Pay £208 for the somewhat indulgent "uber ticket"


2) Risk sending an e-mail to the venue to "reserve" tickets, but not be
able to pick up, see or even guarantee their existence until arrival at
the venue on the 31st.

At the moment, I've gone for option 2 and booked a flight/hotel near the

Does anyone else have any better ideas on this front?

I'd feel a LOT better if I actually had a pair of physical tickets in my
hand before setting off.

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