[Grief] Bootleg LPs! a project...

Jon Whitney turbid at turbid.com
Wed Aug 17 15:26:26 EDT 2005

Can any of you rabid music collectors contact me OFFLIST with your
collections or recollections of bootleg LPs?

I'm only interested in bootleg LPs - not CDs nor cassettes - and things
you hold dear, things that are classics, things that no music fan should
be without, and, if possible, cover scans.  Please include (where
available) record label name, tracklist, country of origin, year of issue,
and any other discographical information available.

Also if anybody knows some good online resources for bootleg LP
information, please let me know too, once again, OFFLIST.  Also if you
personally know any bootleg LP collector/dealer/manufacturer who might be
interested in contributing to this project, you may pass along my email
address personally to them (please don't post this on other newsgroups or
email lists - i HATE spam!)

I've got plans!!!

Also tell me of your name/age/location so I can properly get stories of
these too (if you're willing to share your personal stories/etc).

Thanks a ton.



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