[Grief] ebay's no fun anymore

Guy Francois guyf at sgi.com
Tue Apr 12 10:41:55 EDT 2005

rogervd = Roger Vadim
rich, formerly with BB

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> Has anyone tried to buy any rare items off of ebay recently, actually,
> probably within the last year or so?
> rogervd, isn't he annoying.  Usually bids right at the end of anything
> with a signature on it or that is perceived to be rare with a bid amount
> about eighteen times bigger than any normal layman can afford.  Well
> rogervd, you must be loaded and now have a massive TG collection of rare
> and obscure, I do hope that they bring you many hours of enjoyment.  maybe
> every now and then you could leave one for the rest of us!
> Cheers Mark, 
> a TG fan that doesn't have an endless pot of gold and hasn't found the end
> of the rainbow. << File: ATT583975.txt >> 

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