[Grief] TG DVDs

cod at wobblyweb.com cod at wobblyweb.com
Thu Sep 23 12:46:25 EDT 2004

Hi all
my first post but keep track of all. I just bought the TG DVDs from eBay. It
cost me $26 inc post or so and there are 4 shows on the 2 DVDs. The audio
soundtrack hs an irritating crackle throughout all but as i have good audio
versions of the shows I am going to resync in final cut and make myself a 'good'
version. The film is all really great with the Rafters and Sheffield shows being
esp good. The Northampton show is an edited video with other footage of machines
cut in and no attention to syncing really. All 3 and a half hours of footage is
truly desirable if you are a fan with no patience to wait for Mute of Paul
'Rip-off' Smith.
Thanks for taking the time to read my first post

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