[Grief] (Grief) PTV3

ronnie sundin ronnie at ronsun.net
Wed Sep 22 17:30:21 EDT 2004

Yuck, I attended the very very boring PTV concert in Copenhagen last 
night - not very fun.
Gen explained his restrained stage presence as the result of three 
broken ribs so i guess under those circumstances he's somewhat excused 
but the rest of the band was just plain mediocre, i'm a bit surprised 
that i was so disappointed since i really didn't have any expectations 
but i was actually contemplating to leave only halfway through the set 
because it was so unbearable....

The only "fun" thing about it was when the band came back on stage for 
the encore(s? - i left before they played Discipline because i didn't 
wanna hear them ruin it...) was that some drunken
idiot threw an insulting remark at Gen who got so pissed/hurt that he 
just walked off stage again and didn't return until the bass player 
pleaded the guy in the audience to apologize.... when Gen finally did 
it was with the words; "You know there's a reason were so fed up with 
MEN and THAT was one of them" and then he continued with something like 
: "Nobody should EVER make a remark like that whether it's to a man, 
woman OR children!". Never really heard the original comment so i 
didn't reallt get was all that was about.


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