[Grief] the rents

Livewire Confusion livewireconfusion at hotmail.com
Tue Sep 21 20:07:09 EDT 2004

Maybe you can get your parents to talk to Genesis. No really, he has 
two daughters himself maybe he can help to change their point of view 
and subsequently make the rest of your teenage years a little better. 
Either way you'll have a funny story to tell at parties.

By the way that is one hell of an achievement, opening up for PTV at 
the age of 15.

This whole scenario reminds me of the biography of Bill Hicks that I 
just read. Bill Hicks and his childhood friend were pretty funny, so 
funny in fact that they had been invited to perform live on TV. The 
problem was that it was at a bar. His parents freaked and he had to 
wait until he was 18 to start performing live. If he would have been 
able to gig maybe we would have seen more of him before he died of 
cancer. Think about it. GOOD LUCK! 

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