Antw: RE: [Grief] (Grief) PTV3

Jeff Tomlinson brak109 at
Mon Sep 20 19:43:13 EDT 2004

mainly because i told them it was sold out.

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>Subject: Antw: RE: [Grief] (Grief) PTV3
>Date: Mon, 20 Sep 2004 17:57:25 EDT
>In een bericht met de datum 20-9-04 21:53:13 West-Europa (zomertijd),
>schrijft brak109 at
><< because my band is opening up for them in toronto and my parents want to
>  unfortunately... >>
>Then they are coming for you and not to see PTV being resucitated. So what 
>the fuzz? How old are you that you are afraid of your parents? ( Not 
>to offend you in any way of course)
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