Antw: RE: [Grief] (Grief) PTV3

Jeff Tomlinson brak109 at
Mon Sep 20 19:39:31 EDT 2004

we're 15, my parents are not the type of people who are very open minded. 
very closed minded id say. they are likely to be offended by genesis p. 
orridges art.

i dont think they will go anyways though.

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>Subject: Antw: RE: [Grief] (Grief) PTV3
>Date: Mon, 20 Sep 2004 17:57:25 EDT
>In een bericht met de datum 20-9-04 21:53:13 West-Europa (zomertijd),
>schrijft brak109 at
><< because my band is opening up for them in toronto and my parents want to
>  unfortunately... >>
>Then they are coming for you and not to see PTV being resucitated. So what 
>the fuzz? How old are you that you are afraid of your parents? ( Not 
>to offend you in any way of course)
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