Antw: [Grief] Nervous chat up

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Fri Sep 17 17:36:53 EDT 2004

In een bericht met de datum 17-9-04 18:49:41 West-Europa (zomertijd), 
schrijft falsedog at

<< I always assumed it was TG's
 tune originally but having recently played Tom
 Dissevelt's Fantasy in Orbit LP (1963) the familiar
 rhythm & odd noises is there too on the first track
 "Ignition". Goes to show doesn't it?  >>

If you are interested,, just released a 4cdbox of early 
dutch electronic music from the Philips Laboratories by  Tom Dissevelt and Dick 
Raaijmakers(Kid Baltan). The LP you mentioned is also included. I do not have 
it yet, but saw a short but interesting documentary on this release in which 
they interviewed Dick Raaijmakers I believe and played some of the music and it 
sounded very good.


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