[Grief] TG NOW

Adam Klotblixt adam.klotblixt at tanner.se
Thu Sep 16 14:01:23 EDT 2004

I just received my TG NOW CD from mute. I ordered it last week via 
e-mail as per instructions on the TG-merchandise webpage 
(http://www.mute.com/tg/merchandise). Now I can finally enjoy the new 
TG-sound I missed at the recording session.

For those of you that have not got a copy of your own: Mute has them, so 
order now!

The CD is very enjoyable, nothing like the old TG, but I did not expect 
that. I guess a thorough review would be in order but I feel that I am 
not competent enough. Anyone?

/Adam Klotblixt

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