[Grief] Discipline (Marc Almond version)

Louisa Bannon triskela at hotmail.com
Sat Sep 4 14:41:58 EDT 2004

From: Jon Whitney <turbid at turbid.com>
>so where's the second recording from?

If you are referring to the live at Hammersmith Odeon recording - I have no 
idea as I do not have that recording. Once upon a time I provided you with 
the flexi version - that's all I have. My circle of friends in Los Angeles 
all thought Marc was backed by TG, or at least by Gen and Sleazy with whom 
Marc worked on (IIRC, mostly backing vocals) "Force the Hand of Chance". 
Further, the whole PTV and Soft Cell nexus is not at all a stretch in my 
view - they have also worked on and off with Dave Ball over the years. So 
these people are all friends and acquaintences. BTW, it's entirely possible 
that the Flexipop magazine claims the TG connection based on the authors of 
the song covered, I just haven't come across it in a while - and yes, I 
think it has "Haircut 100" as the cover so I am not exactly jonesing to find 
it. I keep the flexi in with my TG singles - where it makes the most sense 
to me. If and when I come across the Flexipop mag again, I'll  be sure to 
check it. Based on the Zig Zag interview, I think the "and friends" bit went 
uncredited because the Flexipop people were obviously clueless wankers. Marc 
probably recorded the thing, they forget the name of his band, printed it as 
" Marc Almond and Friends", and voila - eternal confusion.

Further on in that interview I provided before there's this:

MA: He really liked the idea. I just thought it was good ... 'Discipline'! 
It's so odd doing a Throbbing Gristle cover-version as well. I must be the 
first person!

ZZ: It seemed to work well when you supported The Banshees at Hammersmith 
Odeon, even though some of the audience was rather against you ...

The suggestion seems to be that Marc played Discipline live at the concert 
under discussion. It dates the events in question to circa 1983. All of this 
is conjecture based on the online version of that Zig Zag magazine interview 
with Marc Almond.

I think it's kinda funny that we are discussing at length a recording that 
most people can't stand. I have to assume that the live recording is more of 
the same.

Now myself, I love marc Almond...

- Triskela

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