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Thu May 20 08:40:26 EDT 2004

Since the Re~TG Festival in may has been 
cancelled we have a very limited amount of a 
special THROBBING GRISTLE tribute 7" single for 

à;GRUMH...   'Unclean/Discipline'   3-Track-7"EP

This special tribute 7²ep was originally conceived and released to
coincide with Throbbing Gristle reforming for a one off show: aka the
RE~TG festival of 14-16 May 2004.  Unfortunately for fans and
fanatics the festival was cancelled due to unforeseen financial

Nevertheless, in the face of such disappointment this special edition
vinyl is a positive tribute to two classic and cult industrial
projects, namely Throbbing Gristle and Psychic TV.  Released as a
double A sided single, à;GRUMH... and Ironflame have given a fine
commemoration to these pioneering acts.

Although à;GRUMH... ceased to exist in 1991, during the 1980¹s they were
an important part of the international industrial underground.  Known for
their aggressive rhythmic industrial style in the vein of early Front
242 and The Klinik, heavily influenced by DAF, TG and SPK, à;GRUMH...¹s
notoriety soon spread, culminating in a world tour in 1990-91 before
their ultimate demise.  Harking back to this period, the two tribute
cover versions of this 7² were recorded live in 1990 during à;GRUMH...¹s
swansong tour of the US.  Yet to avoid the common pitfalls with the
sound quality of live recordings, the tracks have been professionally
studio mastered and pressed in Germany to ensure the highest quality
sound reproduction for the vinyl.

Side A of the 7² offers up for the listener an extremely raw and
guttural version of Psychic TV¹s ³Unclean².  Against a backing of
sparse guitars and swirling industrial noise, sadistic vocal wails
certainly give a fitting tribute to Genesis P-Orridge.  Side AA
alternately pays tribute to Throbbing Gristle¹s track ³Discipline².
Here junk styled percussion pounds out an incessant industrial beat
alongside a screeching guitar, whilst the almost banshee like vocals
chant the track¹s lyrics. Certainly a suitably aggressive version!

To further enhance the overall tribute concept, the images of the
full colour sleeve have been reconstructed and digitally manipulated
from the original cover designs of two 12² singles from Throbbing
Gristle and Psychic TV.  Yet if this is not enough, there is one
extra surprise to be found on the 7²ŠŠand what may it be?  While it
can be revealed that it is another great à;GRUMH... live cover of a
classic track, you will need to obtain this special limited edition
(and check the inner circle etching) to discover exactly what it is!

Released in a mere 333 copies (with 111 in each of three different
colours: black, camouflage white & translucent blue), each copy comes
hand numbered and contains two signed postcard inserts.  In passing,
this special limited vinyl release was born out of genuine fanaticism
& sincerity to the T~G mission, making this release essential for
Throbbing Gristle and Psychic TV fans and fanatics alike.

Price: 8 EUR plus p&p, please contact <order at ironflame.de>
Info/Pictures: http://www.ironflame.de/tg2004/agrumh.html

Stefan Schwanke, ironflame.de

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