[Grief] Re: Astoria Gig

M. S. mohnomishe at hotmail.com
Wed May 19 16:07:55 EDT 2004

Well, I was told by one of the stage hands that the main room of Astoria has 
a capacity
of around 800 people, then some more on the balcony. This to me seems closer 
to reality
than the figure 2200. I know quite a few persons who had booked chalets that 
went to the show, since they couldn't afford accomodation in London. Btw, 
person who booked a chalet got a number of tickets corresponding to the 
number of
berths of the chalet. In my case 7. Not 4.

// Marten

"Richard Molyneux" wrote:
>I got in because a friend had a spare ticket.  Each person who booked the 
>chalet got 4 tickets
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> > >The astoria can hold around 2200 people and I would
> > >say it was pretty much full.
> >
> > so how does that match with the official number of 1,600 tickets sold 
> >
> > atp claimed over and over again that only those
> > who had bought tickets in advance would be
> > allowed entrance.
> > this leaves me wonder how those 800 extra ppl got in and who they 
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