[Grief] Re: Astoria Gig

S.Mrt scm at cham.co.uk
Wed May 19 16:22:40 EDT 2004

Downstairs, I've seen it alot more crowded in the past, I doubt if there
was much more 1000 people down there.

The upstairs section, I think was guest list only, and again from what I
could see was not over full.

Whatever, it was great afternoon.


> >The astoria can hold around 2200 people and I would
> >say it was pretty much full.
> so how does that match with the official number of 1,600 tickets sold
> atp claimed over and over again that only those
> who had bought tickets in advance would be
> allowed entrance.
> this leaves me wonder how those 800 extra ppl got in and who they
> -- 

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