Antw: Re: [Grief] Re: Astoria Gig

RWKolk at RWKolk at
Wed May 19 05:19:49 EDT 2004

Well, I've been at the gig at the Astoria and it did not seem to me that 
there were so many people there. It was pretty full, but not nearly close to 1600. 
800 would be more accurate including the invited guests.
I had already bought an airplaneticket ( €85,-) , but I guess that there have 
been a lot who thought the trip to expensive and didn't show up. A couple of 
german friends didn't come because their organiser of the trip to RE~TG didn't 
offer them the chance to go to London............
Anyway given the very narrow timeframe in which TG were allowed to us the 
facilities of the Astoria the whole event its a very lucky  coincidence that the 
whole things went through. 300 meters away from the Astoria a "suspect 
package" was found on a bus just before the gig and the police had to seal off the 
whole area, so a couple of hundred meters closer to the Astoria and the whole 
thing would have been called off I guess.

I've listened to the new stuff a couple of times now and its really great 
stuff, espescialy "Almost like this". 
Very happy& lucky to have seen TG,


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