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the quiet and simple aardvark aardvark300 at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 29 14:22:51 EST 2004

> I am actually writing because of other point.  It is
> very quiet.  I keep wanting to buy TG+ and haven't
> yet.  Is it mastered really poorly?  I have most of
> the material anyway.  Maybe I shouldn't buy it. 
> Please give review/advice.
> I knew the TG 24 wouldn't be beautiful sound
> quality,
> but I also knew it was essential.  I'd only heard
> parts of it before purchasing.  A few of the disks
> are
> only worth hearing once, but others aren't bad.  Is
> that the way TG+ is?  Is the Heathen Earth material
> better or worse than the last CD release?

The sound quality of TG+ is about as good as the discs
on TG24, in my opinion.  Whether that's worthwhile,
considering whatever overlap you might have, is up to
you.  The quality of the performances is pretty
teriffic though.

There are only two kinds of music
Good and bad

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