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Sinister Laugh Here arkana13 at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 29 13:33:15 EST 2004

> From: "Louisa Bannon" <triskela at hotmail.com>
> Subject: [Grief] Wanted: Lightning Bolt sew-on patch
> from TG24 boxed
> 	set
> To: grief at hollyfeld.org

> Out of curiosity, does anyone want to part with any
> of these cheap? I'd 
> prefer someone in the U.S. that will accept paypal.
> I, of course, refer to 
> the item in this picture:
> http://www.mute.com/tg/IRimages/tg_boxv4.jpg

No, I wouldn't part with it.  I'd be happy to have a
few more... aren't they available separately from Mute
or someone new?

I am actually writing because of other point.  It is
very quiet.  I keep wanting to buy TG+ and haven't
yet.  Is it mastered really poorly?  I have most of
the material anyway.  Maybe I shouldn't buy it. 
Please give review/advice.
I knew the TG 24 wouldn't be beautiful sound quality,
but I also knew it was essential.  I'd only heard
parts of it before purchasing.  A few of the disks are
only worth hearing once, but others aren't bad.  Is
that the way TG+ is?  Is the Heathen Earth material
better or worse than the last CD release?

Thanks, Mitch

> BTW, where the hell is everybody? Sure is quiet
> these days...is everyone 
> moping about the quality, or lack thereof, of TG+
> and Mutant TG?
> Thanks!
> - Triskela
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