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LOL...How much clearer can they make it? 

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1. FW: [tg] A Message From TG (Mark)


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Subject: [Grief] FW: [tg] A Message From TG
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That just about sums it up then!

-----Original Message-----
From: TG [mailto:info at mutehq.co.uk]
Sent: 12 March 2004 19:21
To: TG
Subject: [tg] A Message From TG

A message from TG:

"Despite the current rash of unfounded and malicious internet rumors,
presumably intended to confuse and fuck things up for other people, we want
to make the following quite clear:

The forthcoming performance by THROBBING GRISTLE at RETG on the Industrial
Weekend at Cambers Sands, May 14-16th 2004 will be a ONE TIME ONLY DEAL. TG
will NOT be playing ANY other shows - NOT in Europe, NOT in the US, NOT

At their recent sessions at Mute Studios in London, TG demonstrated
(somewhat to their own surprise) that they were able to get on, and to play
both old and new material with the same passion and intensity as before,
HOWEVER the four members' agendas, schedules, living arrangements, and
personal projects make it impossible that this event will be repeated.

If you are interested in witnessing TG in action, this show will be your ONE
and ONLY opportunity. DO NOT MISS IT."



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