[Grief] TG+ disappointment

RWKolk at cs.com RWKolk at cs.com
Tue Mar 9 12:01:53 EST 2004

Well, finally my copy arrived today and I must say I am a LITTLE 
All the CD's are there, sure, but just like with my TG24 copy ( which had 
several extra's missing like the newletter), it is not OK. 
No list of performances ( thankfully I have a copy of "Wreckers........")  
But what really pisses me off this time is the fact all the creditcardlike 
metalplates were not in their fixing positions, but were just lying around in the 
box. After that minor disappointment, I found that the folded cardboard, that 
was supposed to hold the CD's in position, was in fact completely torn on one 
side. Fuck that!
Sending it back of course is not an option with such a limited edition, and 
so the guy of the shop gave me a €5,- discount, but that is not the point. 
Having to pay so much for it, one may expect to get some value for money, but 
things like these just really are a let down...
Hoping that this will not happen again, I going to listen to the first CD 
Still disappointed,

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