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<< the taste of tg is kinda flimsy and should probably be sold at a discount
 rate. >>

I do agree with that. The artwork is a bit flimsy and does not get the 
message across to people unfamiliar with TG. It's all a bit blurry and the artwork 
and text on the front is not really inviting. Its' artwork in my opinion is not 
that much better then that of the "Dossierbootlegs-serie" really. It just 
looks like another bootleg to me
The choice of tracks is ok, but I still think, personally that is, that a 
version of Discipline should have been on it. It's a late TGlivetrack, but one 
that over time really grew and grew. Had TG made another album after "Journey 
through a body" it would maybe have made it to that album. The fact that it was 
performed at the the Astoria could maybe seen as it being considered one of 
the alltime TGfav's. 
Looking at the tracks on " The taste of TG"  I think this "Introduction" is 
more aiming at the "Electroclash"crowd with tracks like "Hot on the heels of 
love", Walkabout", "Distant dreams", "United", "Something came over me" being 
constructed round a electro/dancebeat.
This a quite different "Introduction" to TG than the "Greatest hits" which 
came out in the (post)industrial-heydays. Time do change, I know.........
That considering I think that apart from the "bootleggish" artwork, which 
distracts from the content, it is quite ok.


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