[Grief] Re: New to the list

hendrik walcher taostinato at t-online.de
Tue Jun 29 21:46:17 EDT 2004

hi all,
also being quite new to the list i´m surprised for mentioned reasons 
that there´s not more to discuss.
reading the recent anouncment of a new TG album next year, what´s 
everyones opinion on that? there´s been lots of (re-)releases, boxsets, 
merch etc. and despite TG saying RE-TG will not be a common sense 
reunion, it still has a little unpleasant taste of kinda sellout to 
mute sure took a role in that by putting all that out and pushing them 
into the media etc.

on the other side, there´s nothing wrong about a broader discussion of 
the ideas of TG now, 23 years later and i pretty much appreciate that 
since i was too young to do so when they had their first activity 

and if they enjoy making music together now - as they seem to - that´s 
a fine thing

...but all that blown up circus around it still leaves that taste...


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