[Grief] RE: Grief Digest, Vol 19, Issue 10

William Green cardylover at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 29 20:18:22 EDT 2004

Hey folks : )

******Do we have an opinion on MutantTG?*********

Love it - very refreshing and a good mix of old sounds and new - the remix 
of Persuasion is worthy of the price of the cd alone!

******Is TGNOW any good compared to the rest of TG's output?*********

I wasn't sure about it on the first couple of listens. However, it's really 
growing on me now. I especially love 'Splitting Sky' & 'How Do You Deal?' - 
'How Do You Deal' sounds the closest to old TG, whereas the rest resembles 
Coil, more than anything else. Interesting return - would love to hear more 
: )

******Will Mute ever release the tracks that were on  the "Mission Is 
Terminated" 12"?******

Due to the recent flurry of activity, i'm sure Mute will try and dig out as 
much material to release as possible, so you never know. I think the tracks 
from that 12'' were re-edited and released as part of 'Journey Through A 
Body', so are they that important anymore?????

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