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stephen ives stephen at
Tue Jun 29 07:42:27 EDT 2004

A couple of tracks that sample something TG for the list - these are  
old things that have been out for a year or more - but never were  
pushed out to the list before ! 

More along the same theme are here :

Enjoy ...

Personally I grabbed the RE:TG refund for now - and tickets permitting  
will be booking next year when they go on sale again !!


More tracks

On 28 Jun 2004, at 21:23, RWKolk at wrote:

> Well.... hello there!
> Its to quiet indeed I think, considering this has been a very bussy  
> TGyear:
> The releases of TG+, TGNOW, The taste of TG, MutantTG.
> Maybe later this year a "Live at the  Astoria-DVD".
> TG performing together for the first time in 23 years.
> The RETG debacle and its rescheduling to next year.
> Comming to think of it, I think there hasn't been a bussier year in the
> history of TG!
> So where is everybody?
> Why are we not bussy discussing all things TG?
> Do we have an opinion on MutantTG?
> Is TGNOW any good compared to the rest of TG's output?
> Will Mute ever release the tracks that were on  the "Mission Is  
> Terminated"
> 12"?
> How many of you have asked for a refund after the rescheduling of  
> RE~TG till
> next year or will we still go next year hoping for the best?
> Distant Thoughts,
> Robert
> I know, I know the NagNagNag-list is even quieter, but that is not an  
> excuse!
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