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RWKolk at RWKolk at
Mon Jun 28 17:23:10 EDT 2004

Well.... hello there!
Its to quiet indeed I think, considering this has been a very bussy TGyear: 
The releases of TG+, TGNOW, The taste of TG, MutantTG.
Maybe later this year a "Live at the  Astoria-DVD". 
TG performing together for the first time in 23 years.
The RETG debacle and its rescheduling to next year.

Comming to think of it, I think there hasn't been a bussier year in the 
history of TG! 
So where is everybody? 
Why are we not bussy discussing all things TG?
Do we have an opinion on MutantTG?
Is TGNOW any good compared to the rest of TG's output?
Will Mute ever release the tracks that were on  the "Mission Is Terminated" 
How many of you have asked for a refund after the rescheduling of RE~TG till 
next year or will we still go next year hoping for the best?

Distant Thoughts,

I know, I know the NagNagNag-list is even quieter, but that is not an excuse!

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