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Jon Whitney turbid at turbid.com
Fri Jun 18 11:34:26 EDT 2004

now for something musical to talk about:

if anybody's in London, i'd recommend getting there before these closes
the doors

feel free to pass it along


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Date: Fri, 11 Jun 2004 05:33:49 +0100
From: THESE Records
To: these at theserecords.com
Subject: Mailout News of Import

News Update
=46riday 11th June 2004



Pay attention everyone!

The These Records Retail Environment is at an end.
But that's not the end of us, it's just the end of a part of it...


Hello everybody,

We mentioned a while back that some property developers had bought
112 Brook Drive,
well last month (Despite them saying to us that they didn't want to
do this and they wanted
an amicable agreement to the situation) they took us to court and
filed for eviction.
We attended the hearing and presented our side but we lost the case.

What this means in fact is that we have to vacate 112 Brook Drive by
a week today
(we have to vacate by 18th June). In order to remove all our stocks
and files from
the building we estimate that we will have to close to the public by
Tuesday 15th June.

So...this is the last call for the Retail shop, at least for the time
being and certainly for
Brook Drive. We did all know that eventually the relentless march of
the redevelopment
and reconfiguring of the environment spurred by the incessant and oh
so compelling lure
of quick profits by those with the means to do so would eventually
come our way.
London (and inevitably the rest of the country) becomes a less
diverse, more regulated
and predictable environment by the sheer fact of capital enforcong
itself. The greedy
opportunists will find their way though regardless of what anyone may
be trying to
achieve as we have found out at first hand to our great cost.

An unfortunate addition to our situation is that we now have to pay
in full (and by the
end of next week) all the subsequent rent our 'landlords' have been
refusing 'till now,
plus their very weighty solicitors fees and the court costs leaving
us with a daunting and
immediate bill of =A34000.00 (plus).

Added to this we have substancial moving costs so we sincerely appeal
that you our loyal
customers (beg beg) buy something from us NOW so we can weather this
harsh situation
and move on to patures fresh, continuing to offer a new and
surprising selection of engaging,
stimulating products (and for the mail order customers packages that
are difficult to open
but get to you in perfect condition). We have new product which we
will tell you about
tomorrow or you can call us on the still operative telephone number.
Shop visitors will find
a plethora of reduced price goodies to amaze and driddle over.

Saturday is declared the last real 'open' day for the Brook Drive
shop before the
invevitability of packing, packing, packing and then moving...We will contin=
but not in the form we've been previously known as. All those
connected to the web
and on the mailing list will be informed of new phone, fax and
physical addresses
as soon as they are 100% confirmed - in the meantime the email addresses rem=
our primary and uninterupted mode of communication. New and very much more
up-to-date ways of buying from us on-line are currently in the works
but mailorder
as it is will not be interupted in any way.

Also if anyone of genuinely enterprising spirit has some notion of
organising a benefit
of some sort to assist us though this situation please get in touch -
we can think of a lot
of people that would play but  someone would need to take it on -
book a venue, sort out
the details and artist liaosn et al - get in touch if you are that person.

Please try and make it down on Saturday if you can for a last visit,
we will be more
than happy to receive visitors from opening time at 12.00 midday
until closing time
(Probably around midnight in this instance). and oh, yes - bring a
bottle of your
favourite poison if yuo are that way inclined. Everybody welcome.

Wishing you all you wish yourself and hope to see or hear from you soon.
Don't let the Bastard grind you down.
You will see a lot more of us despite all of the above...

The staff of These Records


email: these at theserecords.com
tel: +44 (0)207 587 5349
fax: +44 (0)207 582 5278
website: www.theserecords.com

London, England 11.06.2004

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