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PRAEst76 praest76 at escapism.co.uk
Thu Jul 29 12:18:41 EDT 2004

On (29/07/04 11:38), .koma wrote concerning [Grief] Exile:
> I suppose this is a stupid question before I ask it - but I'm still 
> going to ask ! 

Never be afraid to ask the stupid questions. Some of them remain forever
unaswered because no-one is brave enough to ask.
> What were the actual circumstances that led to Gen's exile ? I've 
> read bits & pieces of info over the 'Net, but since this is the TG 
> list, I figured I'd ask. 

Ignore whatever else people might tell you about this. The true reason is
that Gen bought all his books on Thelema from the Readers Digest and back
in those days they were still drubbing people for non-payment.

Many's a poor soul were found bleeding in back alleys branded with the RD
logo and Thatchers government saw it was all overlooked in the interest of

However calls for inqueries into these activities are still being blocked.
Curious eh?


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