brainwashed is sweet (was Re: [Grief] TG+ is Sweet!)

Jon Whitney turbid at
Thu Jul 15 11:41:21 EDT 2004

On Wed, 14 Jul 2004, Louisa Bannon wrote:

> So basically, you do the hard archive work and they reap the benefit! That
> must be why I never started any of these kinds of sites myself. An uneven
> financial arrangement at best, but then I presume "Brainwashed" is
> maintained mostly through somebody else's bandwidth costs - a university
> perhaps?

We have existed long before most labels and artists knew what the Internet
was.  A lot of the sites and discographies have been compiled by a variety
of people and staff members, so it isn't just me.  Furthermore, it's
allowed me to get a ton of free music, meet some of my idols, document
them, and go down the path of filmwork and stuff.  My goals are to be able
to share information with the world on things that aren't quite in the
mainstream.  The weekly magazine is a great place for people to share
their opinions on music and the money generated from sponsorships and DVD
sales have helped with various costs.

> I don't mind contributing scans because that's just  sharing with those less
> fortunate than myself - which I think is good. But then maybe that's what
> you see yourself as doing too, eh Jon?

If everybody in this world shared instead of was so fucking greedy, it
would be a much better place.  Start with yourself and maybe others will
take influence, right?


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