Antw: RE: [Grief] TG+ is Sweet!

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Wed Jul 14 17:42:08 EDT 2004

In een bericht met de datum 14-7-04 14:06:03 West-Europa (zomertijd), 
schrijft david_bourgoin at

<< I think the new stuff
 sounds like it has more of a Coil influence than
 anything else. Certainly not much C and C going on in
 there really. >>

I don't agree on there not being a lot of C&C influence on TGNOW. I saw 
CarterTutti at De Melkweg in Amsterdam and immediately recogniced the very heavy 
basefrequencies  in their new material as being a lot like the ones in the new 
TGstuff. A lot of people who saw it were not very impressed by their set, but 
then most people didn't even know who they were. They just came to see Coil. I 
did like it a lot. It's good departure from the somewhat stagnated C&Csound 
(which I still like). Very curious how their sound will develope in the future.


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