[Grief] TG+ is Sweet!

Louisa Bannon triskela at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 14 18:29:30 EDT 2004

>The Brainwashed website isn't "official" but Mute and TG are well aware of
>who and what brainwashed is and I'm sure are pleased it exists.  It seems
>that more and more Brainwashed sites are holding the archives of groups
>while they make "official" websites which only have news and current

So basically, you do the hard archive work and they reap the benefit! That 
must be why I never started any of these kinds of sites myself. An uneven 
financial arrangement at best, but then I presume "Brainwashed" is 
maintained mostly through somebody else's bandwidth costs - a university 

I don't mind contributing scans because that's just  sharing with those less 
fortunate than myself - which I think is good. But then maybe that's what 
you see yourself as doing too, eh Jon?

- Louisa

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