[Grief] TG+ is Sweet!

Guy Francois guyf at sgi.com
Wed Jul 14 11:28:32 EDT 2004

Since when may we use the F* word at the BBC ?

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> Anybody that says TG were 'unimpressive' is a complete fucking idiot.
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> Hey:
> I kinda remember everyone bitching about how crappy or unimpressive TG+ 
> turned out. Well, I got my own copy this week and I am fairly pleased
> with 
> it. I paid only $82 USD for waiting until now. True, I already had most
> of 
> the material one way and another - but these are Carter's approved
> mixes, so 
> cool! Next, I really like the little stencil plates - I'm thinking of 
> different things I might do with them. And sure, a booklet or some extra
> packaging might have been nice - but what the hell, I have lot's of
> stuff 
> over the years so I don't need a band overview in every package they put
> out. For the uninitiated there's always the 'Wreckers" bio. I
> particularly 
> liked how closely they matched the look and feel of TG24.
> Sweet.
> Anyway, now I've got them all ripped to MP3 for my music server and I 
> couldn't be happier. This set of CDs along with the studio releases is 
> basically the cream of the crop - the best ever stuff in my own opinion.
> The 
> band had honed its skills to razor sharpness, dissension had already
> begun 
> to tear it apart, all the spirited energy of a good-bye fuck now
> captured to 
> digital reproduction!
> BTW, if MP3s of the vinyl "Mission is Terminated" material is wanted, I
> can 
> oblige - I think I have it done already. Last time I posted, I think I 
> pointed to some links to some decent scans of the booklet already out
> there, 
> but I could rescan it at higher quality. Whatever Jon wants...I don'
> think 
> the commercial potential robs the band of anything, but I don't want it
> to 
> be my call.
> Jon, do you now have some sort of "official" position in relation to
> either 
> "Mute", TG, or "Industrial Records" (if it's not the same thing)?
> - Louisa
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