[Grief] TG+ is Sweet!

Louisa Bannon triskela at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 13 19:40:26 EDT 2004


I kinda remember everyone bitching about how crappy or unimpressive TG+ 
turned out. Well, I got my own copy this week and I am fairly pleased with 
it. I paid only $82 USD for waiting until now. True, I already had most of 
the material one way and another - but these are Carter's approved mixes, so 
cool! Next, I really like the little stencil plates - I'm thinking of 
different things I might do with them. And sure, a booklet or some extra 
packaging might have been nice - but what the hell, I have lot's of stuff 
over the years so I don't need a band overview in every package they put 
out. For the uninitiated there's always the 'Wreckers" bio. I particularly 
liked how closely they matched the look and feel of TG24.


Anyway, now I've got them all ripped to MP3 for my music server and I 
couldn't be happier. This set of CDs along with the studio releases is 
basically the cream of the crop - the best ever stuff in my own opinion. The 
band had honed its skills to razor sharpness, dissension had already begun 
to tear it apart, all the spirited energy of a good-bye fuck now captured to 
digital reproduction!

BTW, if MP3s of the vinyl "Mission is Terminated" material is wanted, I can 
oblige - I think I have it done already. Last time I posted, I think I 
pointed to some links to some decent scans of the booklet already out there, 
but I could rescan it at higher quality. Whatever Jon wants...I don' think 
the commercial potential robs the band of anything, but I don't want it to 
be my call.

Jon, do you now have some sort of "official" position in relation to either 
"Mute", TG, or "Industrial Records" (if it's not the same thing)?

- Louisa

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