[Grief] BBC Radio 2 Documerntory on Experimental/art music

PRAEst76 praest76 at escapism.co.uk
Fri Jul 2 20:57:23 EDT 2004

There was a rather interesting documentory on BBC Radio 2 this week. In
their new Voxpop Segment. Paul Morley going over the history of
art-iinspired music etc. From Stockhausen & Cage through to Depeche Mode and 808 State.
Of course featuring a crucial stop along the way with a certain four piece
we all might be familiar with.

Personally though I feel Morley can come out with some bollocks (Did anyone
read his liner-notes to The Best Of Fad Gadget?) he does seem to have a
passion for the genre. and it's kinda nice to hear someone on a mainstream
'alternative' music documentory about innovative artists dismiss Radiohead with such ease. :)

anyway the bbc website has it in their Listen Again section for Radio 2
until the next program on Tuesday. Hear it while you can.



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