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<<  was pleasantly surprised actually. normally I don't like contemporary
 remixes (the recent Nitzer Ebb remixes spring to mind) but the Mutant TG
 remixes where all fairly good. Nothing amazingly challenging perhaps but
 enjoyable, especially for a mid-price release.
Speaking of NizzEbb. A complete oftopic, I know, I read an interview with 
Douglas ( because of the Fixmer/McCarthy debutCD "Between the Devil". A very good 
CD I must say!) in which he told that he was told that Mute did not want him 
helping to put the Nitzer Ebb 2CD+DVD box together! I think this is another 
example of the way Mute is being run today. makes you wonder....
 > Is TGNOW any good compared to the rest of TG's output?
 Well i've only heard mp3's so far, wouldn't mind a copy of the album but
 havn't trtied ot kid Mute on that I was a ticketholder yet.

You don't have to be a ticketholder to get a copy. But you got to hurry I 
think. There are about 3000 (blackcolored)CDs and 500 LPs!
 > Will Mute ever release the tracks that were on  the "Mission Is 
 > 12"? 
 What was that? >>

In 1981 there was this Italian magazine run by "Red Ronnie". He released 
"Mission is terminated"LP+12" together with two quite extensive interviews with 
members of TG. On the 12" there were these two tracks that came from the same 
studiosession as the ones on "Journey through a body". This is sometimes revered 
to as the "Damaru Sunrise" single. As far as I know it has never been 
released on CD. How rare  "Mission is terminated" actually is, i don't know. I bought 
it about 5 years ago for 75,- Guilders, about EUR 34,-.


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