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PRAEst76 praest76 at
Thu Jul 1 11:01:35 EDT 2004

I'm a newbie/lurker, so hi.

On (28/06/04 16:23), RWKolk at wrote concerning Antw: [Grief] New to the list:

> Well.... hello there!
> Its to quiet indeed I think, considering this has been a very bussy TGyear: 
> The releases of TG+, TGNOW, The taste of TG, MutantTG.

The Taste of TG... year I've seen that. Nothing much on it i don't have,
and I must say... the artwork seems a bit naff. Especially considering they
were highlighting that as a selling point. The tracklist at least seems
better than the Greatest Hits album.

> Maybe later this year a "Live at the  Astoria-DVD". 

am i wrong or have they mentioned in the past re-releasing some of the old
Industrial Records videos on DVD?

> TG performing together for the first time in 23 years.
> The RETG debacle and its rescheduling to next year.

> Comming to think of it, I think there hasn't been a bussier year in the 
> history of TG! 
> So where is everybody? 
> Why are we not bussy discussing all things TG?

I've noticed drop in volume on most of the mailing lists i'm on. So either
people are steadily getting a life after the initial gimmickery of the
public internet has finally started to wear off or I'm some hideous

> Do we have an opinion on MutantTG?

I was pleasantly surprised actually. normally I don't like contemporary
remixes (the recent Nitzer Ebb remixes spring to mind) but the Mutant TG
remixes where all fairly good. Nothing amazingly challenging perhaps but
enjoyable, especially for a mid-price release.

> Is TGNOW any good compared to the rest of TG's output?

Well i've only heard mp3's so far, wouldn't mind a copy of the album but
havn't trtied ot kid Mute on that I was a ticketholder yet.

> Will Mute ever release the tracks that were on  the "Mission Is Terminated" 
> 12"? 

What was that?

> How many of you have asked for a refund after the rescheduling of RE~TG till 
> next year or will we still go next year hoping for the best?

I, like many people i'm sure, left it until the last minute to make up my
mind about going thinking there may be tickets left. So it's probably my
fault it got cancelled. I'm no doubt facing a kicking at some point. Doing
the same for next year, but you never know I may actually find some friends
interested in getting a chalet this time around who will actually be more
than just 'interested'... and some spare cash is always nice.


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