[Grief] TG Cover tunes?

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> Dave B said:
> >Is it just me or is it really as horrible as I think it is
> You shouldn't listen to anything that doesn't satisfy your particular "ear
> worm" but just keep in mind that I am almost 100% positive that the support
> band for Marc Almond were the members of TG themselves.

Now I've listened to it, it sounds as if it's more likely to be the first PTV line up (which of course was half of TG) -
there's a slight feel of Force the Hand of Chance (which of course feat Almond on a couple of tracks) to it, particularly
the percussion...Is there a recording date on the flexi or in the mag?

Can't say I like this version of Discipline, in fact I'm almost sick of hearing it by TG - never one of their better pieces
imo, but many thanks for making it available!



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