[Grief] RE:TG Cover tunes?

M. S. mohnomishe at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 20 13:25:31 EST 2004

Jon Whitney <turbid at turbid.com> wrote
>Anybody know of some TG cover tunes NOT on either of the tribute discs
>Entertainment Through Pain and In-Formation?

There's a Swedish group called Differnet that is receiving a fair bit of 
hype in
local media at the moment for their recently released official debut CD. 
been described as "Fennesz meets Labradford meets NWW". Oh well...

On one of their early self-released CD-R's they did a cover of TG's 
Came Over Me", which has also turned into a bit of a live favorite. They did 
video for it as well, which you can see at their web site 
Move on to the "Media Repository", then click on "DVD", and there you have a
Quicktime version of it. A bit corny perhaps, but certainly worth checking 

// Marten

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