[Grief] TG Cover tunes?

Louisa Bannon triskela at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 20 04:05:39 EST 2004

Paul said:
>Marc Almond covered "Discipline"...it was released as a flexi-disc that 
>came with a UK music >magazine.  Never heard it so I can't comment as to 
>what it was like - anyone else?

I have it right here.  It's a black plastic "Flexipop" disk.  General 

Marc Almond and friends
Place coin here if flexible record slips
Flexipop 23A, Flip to play
33 rpm, Stereo
(Carter/Christopherson/P. Orridge/Tutti)
[...more misc markings...]

Haven't heard it in ages, I could probably make a high quality MP3 (EAC 
line-in, VBR LAME, alt preset standard) of it by the end of the week if 
anyone wanted to host it somewhere. I'm almost postive it is TG themselves 
playing support. In that sense maybe it's not really a proper cover song, 
although marc does do lead vocals. When you think about what this song is, 
and what magazine released it, it's all pretty freaking weird...

I think I can locate the magazine too. For some strange reason I think there 
was a PTV angle on this but I might be confused. Y'know, mad cow eating my 
brain, old age, and all...

Anyway, I am currently awaiting a new cartridge and needle for my turntable, 
so it will have to wait until then at least. But to make an MP3 of a single 
track is no major effort.

Now "Funeral in Berlin" was more of a hassle...and given the new boxed sets, 
probably a wasted effort. Still, for a really long time that was my favorite 
album to listen to while working. Is that hard to imagine?

Stained by Dead Horses...Raudive Bunker Experiment...

-- Triskela

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