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Louisa Bannon triskela at hotmail.com
Sat Jan 10 00:47:01 EST 2004

Jon Whitney writes:
>Of course, brainwashed does accept submissions and I would love to get 
>complete scans of things.  >...so, yes, you can email me stuff to submit 
>and I'll happily try to get it on display

Well, could you provide a contact method and some guidelines? The website 
seems to lead one to a web-based form with no attachment potential. Plus, 
it's worth noting that some submissions might be large files, so it need to  
be a contact point to which large files can be recieved.

Off the top of my head I am thinking image guidlelines could be something 
like this:
72-90 DPI
jpeg, gif, or png (? - I think MS IE supports png but not alpha channel)
no larger than 800x600 (1024x768?)

As far as texts go, would you still prefer scans or would OCR texts be just 
as good? I could see a scan being preferred  in situations where there was a 
design or image element integral to the text, but otherwise...

And how about PDFs? It appears that some people are now missing the booklet 
that comes with the Fetish "Five Albums" box. What would be the preferred 
method of archiving that for others?  I'm also thinking of the Red Ronnie 
mag in this category, even though on my scanner that will prove harder to do 
because of the magazine's size.

I'm going to provide the/a flyer for Los Angeles 22 May 1981. If others did 
the same we'd soon have them all archived which would be very cool.  This 
would be in the way of the collage art one hears so much about, right? But 
who designed the individual pieces? Gen?

You know, I wonder if others might be reticent because of the perceived 
"collector" value of some of the items they are holding, but here's the 
thing: unless you intend to sell something it has no collector value anyway. 
My version of the Sordide Sentimental "Five Knuckle Shuffle" disk is as 
follows: somewhere I bought it for approx. $15, later I saw someone asking 
well over $1,000 for the same disk (I did not however see anyone buy it for 
that price), now the music is available on CD, I don't necessarily intend to 
part with my copy of said item. So how much is it worth? I think it's fair 
to say that it only has "Sentimental" value, and that value is exclusive to 

If it doesn't hurt the item, scan it!

With 24, +, and RE-TG -- now is the time. And if everyone does just a 
little, all Jon needs to do is write a page (maybe, could be largely 
automated or at least from a template) and host it.

-- Triskela

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