[Grief] TG24 box w/IRCD26 is available in stores, not just through mute

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Fri Jan 9 17:11:46 EST 2004

On Friday, January 9, 2004, at 12:01  PM, the quiet and simple aardvark 
<aardvark300 at yahoo.com> wrote:

>> The extra disc was only included with direct orders
>> from Mute only. A friend
>> of mine had ordered from directly and got the extra
>> disc. I did not and so I
>> did not get the bonus although I've got a copy now.
>> The extra disc is IRC26.
> Hmmm....
> I bought a copy in a record store and I got a copy of
> IRC26.  Guess, I'm just lucky...
> --RR

I had previously read that the extra disc was available only directly 
through mute, but like aardvark I got my box at a record store (a 
virgin mega) so I guess that's obviously not true

I also read that there was a letter from PC enclosed that addressed 
discovering a newly discovered source for IRCD26 after the box was 
completed, but this did not come in my box - I did, however, get 5 of 
the long "collage" postcards

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