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Louisa Bannon triskela at hotmail.com
Fri Jan 9 06:08:16 EST 2004

Jon Whitney wrote:
>There's plenty of Cosey pictures in her CD "Time To Tell" which is readily

Yeah, but those are almost surely from a period towards the end of her 
performance art period. As it turns out, I have Time to Tell both in the 
original cassette and CD formats. I think Cosey is selling the remaining CDs 
at #8 or something like that.

I was interested in seeing the sorts of things that might have covered the 
walls at the "Prostitution" show -- the skin mag work. At this point I have 
seen a small sampling of such photos and I was surprised by how pedestrian 
they seem all these years later.

Someone wrote to me privately suggesting the recent "Painful but Fabulous" 
book as a reasonably good source for material like the mail art and show 
flyers. I have ordered it online already and will provide further comments 
when I have seen it for myself.

After we all get the 24 and + collections, there really won't be anything 
left to obtain save things like Flyers, misc. promotional materials, and the 
Industrial News. Does Brainwashed take submissions for scanned materials?  
I'd be willing to contribute some items in the hopes of inspiring others to 
do the same.  I certainly could produce better, more complete scans of some 
material than what is online right now. For example, the Sordide Sentimental 
cover in the discography section only shows one half of the cover and none 
of the interior. Is it out of respect for the copyright holders or what?

I don't mean to be critical, it's just an honest question.  Does something 
prevent the creation of a more thorough online archive? You are already host 
to a very nice tribute site.  Could we, should we expand it?

-- Triskela

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