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<< and are there any sets that didn't include either IRCD26 or IRCD29?
 I've tried to find the answers in the list archives, but all I ever 
 find reference to are unnamed discs >>

The extra disc was only included with direct orders from Mute only. A friend 
of mine had ordered from directly and got the extra disc. I did not and so I 
did not get the bonus although I've got a copy now.
The extra disc is IRC26. A recording of the performance at the Scala Cinema, 
London. Halfway through the performance a lose plug resulted in a humming  
noise which made the performance inaudible and so the performance was stopped 
until the plug was found. Not a release, in my view, that would deserve a 
separate rerelease. It's nice though because without it the collection of all TG 
performances would not be complete.


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