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David Bourgoin david_bourgoin at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Jan 8 11:46:25 EST 2004

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> 1. Someone recently mentioned Cosey nude photos. At
> first I thought that the 
> interest was prurient only (not that there's
> anything wrong with that, mind 
> you), but after reading much of Simon Ford's
> "Wreckers of Civilization" I 
> realized that the access to such materials is not an
> unworthy goal. If 
> someone can share this kind of material I'd really
> like to see would be 
> stuff specifically used for the "Prostitution" show,
> stuff posed by Cosey 
> during the earlier Coum period, and then perhaps any
> possible mail art 
> showing how these images were used by Cosey and
> Genesis in their collage 
> work. It looks like some of this kind of stuff might
> have been available for 
> a while on one or more of Cosey's own websites, but
> I missed it -- a zipfile 
> of any possible archive would be most appreciated.

There's a few of Coseys pictures floating about on
Soulseek. Not very many and they are just scans of
about four magazines. If you don't have the ability to
or the desire to use Soulseek then email me off list
and I can probably send you them as a zip file.

Cosey had to shut down the picture archive she had on
her web site due to excessive usage by people using
backdoors etc to access the pictures.

> 7. This last issue is a weird one because in many
> ways I'm not truly THAT 
> interested in people's private lives, but here goes
> nothing: What is the 
> past/present/future relationship between Peter
> Christopherson and John 
> Balance? Does John Balance have an illness that will
> likely effect his 
> future output? Is Coil defunct, or what?

Peter and John are no longer partners in the physical
sense but apparently Coil still exists as an on going
project and they will be playing at the forthcoming RE
TG event. John Balance doesn't have an illness as such
but seems to struggle with his demons from time to
time. He is currently in a new relationship with an
artist called Ian (his surname escpaes me at the

Dave B

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