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Louisa Bannon triskela at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 8 11:17:47 EST 2004

Hello to the list!

I've been lurking on the list for a couple of weeks now. I've been learning 
a lot about the new material that's out there nowadays...some of it's nice 
to have access to after all of these years. I am a long-time collector of TG 
material (since the late 70s), and while I'm not perhaps as fanatical as 
some, I've still managed to have quite a nice collection. Still, some things 
remain on my "want" list...although it looks like the time is ripe to either 
get it now or forget about it forever. If the internet won't help, nothing 
will...on my immediate "to do" list is getting TG24 and TG+.  While those 
collections will duplicate some material I have on vinyl, it certainly fills 
in some empty spaces too.  Sweet!

I was never keen to obtain the cassette versions of "24" because tapes 
simply do not last. Some have complained about the mastering of the new CDs, 
but let's face it as long as you have a document from beginning to end of a 
show what else is really needed? The performance is the "whole" show, and it 
is not comprised of indexed points for the probably debatable beginning and 
ending of each song.  From a digital standpoint, nothing prevents a person 
from making their own "best of" collection from any of these CDs for their 
own pleasure. For the lazy, there's already the TG Live 1-4 collection on CD 
from Mute.

Here are some semi-tightly organized queries, or possible suggestions for 
group projects:

1. Someone recently mentioned Cosey nude photos. At first I thought that the 
interest was prurient only (not that there's anything wrong with that, mind 
you), but after reading much of Simon Ford's "Wreckers of Civilization" I 
realized that the access to such materials is not an unworthy goal. If 
someone can share this kind of material I'd really like to see would be 
stuff specifically used for the "Prostitution" show, stuff posed by Cosey 
during the earlier Coum period, and then perhaps any possible mail art 
showing how these images were used by Cosey and Genesis in their collage 
work. It looks like some of this kind of stuff might have been available for 
a while on one or more of Cosey's own websites, but I missed it -- a zipfile 
of any possible archive would be most appreciated.

2. Has anyone collected an archive of TG performance flyers? If so, where is 
such a collection?

3. Has anyone archived "Industrial News"? If so, where is such an archive?

4. I'd really like to obtain a hi-res scan of the publicity photocard of 
Cosey in Ford's book at page 8.28. If the other members of TG also produced 
such publicity photocards, I'd like to see all of those too.

5. Is there any archive of posters and other publicity materials? If so, 
where is such an archive?

6. Are a lot of these previously mentioned materials considered variously 
"the grail" by collectors and therefore not available? Personally, I'd think 
the collector value would be low -- I mean, I'd like to have access to some 
digital facsimiles of this stuff but I don't see myself paying through the 
nose for it - I'd assume this stuff was more likely just "rare" than 
actually "highly desirable," per se. Does TG intend to document any of this 
stuff for future release? In the main, I refer to text and images and not 
really their "musical" output. Of course, it's a pity that a lot of this 
didn't make its way into either TG24 or TG+ already -- the suggestion would 
be that they are not interested in that stuff. Is there an officially 
understood stance on the reproduction of these materials from the band 
itself? They used to be seemingly quite generous about recordings of their 
live performances, are things like "Industral News" more copy protected by 
the band itself?

7. This last issue is a weird one because in many ways I'm not truly THAT 
interested in people's private lives, but here goes nothing: What is the 
past/present/future relationship between Peter Christopherson and John 
Balance? Does John Balance have an illness that will likely effect his 
future output? Is Coil defunct, or what?

I hope I have not been impertinent in any of my queries.  If so please 
excuse my ignorance of the relevant issues surrounding my desire of certain 
information. It would certainly be the case that I just didn't know.

-- Triskela

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