[Grief] introduction and a few questions

our.webstuff at verizon.net our.webstuff at verizon.net
Thu Jan 8 02:38:39 EST 2004

greetings to all on the list from a new subscriber

just recently got the TG24 box and had a few questions which were 
addressed in the list archives but I didn't quite find answers to

I've read about an extra disc being included in the box - and it did in 
fact come with 25 CDs - my question: is there ANOTHER disc besides the 
live performances, or is the "extra" the a. IRCD26 (which is listed in 
the newsletter as not included) or b. IRCD29?

and are there any sets that didn't include either IRCD26 or IRCD29?

I've tried to find the answers in the list archives, but all I ever 
find reference to are unnamed discs

thanks for your help,
eagerly looking forward to TG+

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