[Grief] Gen speaks

Jarle vlad at kaoz.priv.no
Fri Feb 27 03:33:41 EST 2004

For those of you who don't care to browse through http://groups.msn.com/retg

>THIS IS Genesis P-Orridge in person 9BETTER BELIEVE IT!..WE,
>THE original 4 members of TG ARE TOGETHER right now in the MUTE HQ studio.
>WE ARE rehearsing and jamming on old and new material and finalising
aspects of RETG.
>AS YOU regulars will know, I dont usually visit bulletin boards or
>HOWEVER ..Chris and Cosey showed me the DAFT email pretending to refer
>to some asshole in Sweden claiming I was not taking part in RETG and was
slagging off my friends in TG.
>WE email each other daily. AMICABLY. AND Have for over a y-era.
>WITHOUT GETTINGdrawn into other people's fantasies, usually negative.
>I am taking part in RETG. of course. We are having a lot of fun playing
together again.
>SO STOP wasting your time, and the time of other, more loyal and sensible
>TG FANS and focus on having a fabulous and kinky RETG TIME.

>with the support of Sleazy,Chris and Cosey.


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