[Grief] New TG album being recorded

Dj45rpm at aol.com Dj45rpm at aol.com
Tue Feb 24 14:24:04 EST 2004

I'd actually have less forebodding about a TG reunion now as opposed to when Coil was still in their "techno" phase (and is the new C&C project Carter Tutti or whatever it's called supposed to be better than what the original C&C turned into)?  Still, it'd be a "listen-before-buying" scenario (and of course we're assuming they'll be able to stay in the same room/mixing studio long enough to record & release said album...)

In a message dated 2/24/2004 11:16:50 AM Eastern Standard Time, david_bourgoin at yahoo.co.uk writes:

> Coil have certainly been the most consistent of the
> post TG groups. PTV had their moments and Chris n
> Cosey never did much for me. When they played at the
> Union Chapel for their first live gig for years it all
> sounded very sub standard mid eighties Human
> League-ish.

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